za 30 jul van 20:00 tot zo 31 jul tot 02:00 uur


EuroBiCon PARTY!

Voor iedereen 16+ Feestje

EuroBiCon PARTY @ Mezrab. Drink, dance, be intimate, and enjoy our fabulous line-up of performances and activities! Drag kings and queens, dancers, huggers and storytellers all invite you to have the time of your life. All genders welcome.

Cultural Center Mezrab currently organises storytelling courses and festivals, music events and more. This venue is a real nice one, not too big, and when it’s warm, it has a great terrace in front of the building where sitting, drinking, chatting and hanging out is allowed. We have a lot of privacy there, inside and outside!

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Mezrab, Veemkade, Oostelijk Havengebied, Amsterdam, Nederland
za 30 jul van 20:00 tot zo 31 jul tot 02:00 uur

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