wo 30 nov om 21:00 uur

Café Bodytalk

Maffiaborrel; "I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse"

Voor iedereen 18+ Borrel


Welcome to Italy, come in. I’ll introduce you to the familglia. First off all we have the only male person in this famiglia. He’s been known by the name of Floriano. He thinks he is the boss, but without knowing he’s been doing my dirty work. He has four wives. Without knowing they are the ones doing his dirty work.

First of all we have Kelliana, she makes sure the papers are in order. You probably want to know who’s in charge of all the money, it’s Iriana! No doubt she will make us rich with her very creative bookkeeping. The next wife is Senniana,she is the one with all the contacts, she knows everybody. So don’t think she won’t notice you. She just knows. The last one is Lisiana, she knows how to get rid of stuff. Make sure not to show you her phone, she’ll hack it and take everything from you.

These five people you have to impress to get into the family. So make sure to be at your maffiabest on the very last of November. Which is the 30th. If you haven’t noticed. We expect to see you there. If you don’t show we will find you and you don’t want to know what will happen next.


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P.S. Deze borrel is ook open voor niet-leden van Anteros.

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wo 30 nov om 21:00 uur

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